Changing your Status

If you initially came to the U.S. for a different purpose but now aim to pursue education, we can assist you in changing your visa status to F-1 student status. This will enable you to work towards your academic and career aspirations.

- Document Checklist:

  • Valid passport for Dependent 2 students or dependents
  • Financial supporting documentation for Transfer-In, such as bank statements in English that are no older than 30 days (recommended)
  • Copies of marriage and birth certificates for student or dependent
  • Sponsor letter for Change of Status/or I-134 Form (if applicable for student or dependent)
  • Copy of U.S. visa or Change of Status approval notice for student or dependent
  • Copy of the most recent I-94 for student or dependent
  • Copies of previous I-20 form for student or dependent
  • Signed Transfer Request Form
  • Copy of DS2019
  • Letter to immigration explaining reason for Change of Status (COS)

To obtain more information about applying as a Change of Status (COS) student and the necessary documentation, please view the video below or email our admissions team at

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Applying From Abroad

For international students applying from outside the U.S. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance throughout your academic journey and immigration procedures.


Transferring to Approach

For international students studying at another U.S institution and are considering transferring to Approach.



If you have lost your student status and are pursuing reinstatement, our committed Designated School Officials (DSOs) will guide and support you throughout the process