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Learn English in Boston at Approach!

As you embark on your learning journey, it's essential to consider the costs associated with improving your English skills. To help you plan your learning path effectively, we have provided information on the tuition and fees to study at Approach right below. 

For questions and additional information on your program of choice, please email

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our English program is for all students who want to improve their communication skills and gain English proficiency for success in academics, career, or personal life, regardless of their level. Please find below the tuition rates for English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.


ESL Super Intensive $330 per week
ESL Intensive Plus $250 per week
ESL Teen Program $250 per week


 ESL 04 (4 Classes per week) $198 per month - $54 per week
 ESL 08 (8 Classes per week) $352 per month - $96 per week
 ESL 12 (12 Classes per week) $605 per month - $165 per week
ESL 16 (16 Classes per week) $715 per month - $195 per week


Advanced Programs

Upon completion of our ESL program, students have the option to select from a range of advanced programs, including Advanced Academic Preparation, Business Courses, or ESL TI, depending on their academic or professional goals.

Advanced Academic Preparation (AAP) $250 per week
Business Program (BP) $250 per week
ESL Teaching Internship (ESLTI) $250 per week

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Test Preparation Programs

Our test prep programs teach students strategies for each section of their exams, focusing on the challenging topics. Students will also learn section-specific strategies for the test. Please find below the tuition rates for our Test Preparation Programs.

TOEFL $250 per week
GMAT $250 per week
GRE $250 per week
SAT $250 per week
Group 14


Application Fee US$100
Housing Placement US$100
Airport Transfer US$90
Courier/Mail US$90
Reinstatement/Change of Status US$200
Registration Fee
(Paid Before the 1st Session)

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