Scholarship for Students Affected by the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

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Approach International Student Center is committed to extending opportunities to international students and refugees currently in the U.S. and affected by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. As a school managed by international people and created for international students, we want to make sure to help those affected by this conflict through any means we have to offer.

The goal of this scholarship is to provide immediate help to students that were left in a situation of despair due to the ongoing conflict. As an organization, our school is a welcoming environment to people of any nationality, ethnicity, religion, or gender. We encourage individuals to freely navigate the world and learn while having their human rights respected. 

Therefore, our school will be offering 50 scholarships to international students affected by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict to study at Approach International Student Center for 6 months covering all costs (application and registration fees, materials, and tuition fees).

Deadline: April 30th 2022 
Study in: Boston, USA
Course starts at Anytime

Scholarship for Students Affected by the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict


  • Be a citizen of Ukraine or Russia currently in the U.S. enrolled at a private institution as an F1 student or refugee;
  • Demonstrate financial need.

There is no essay requirement for this scholarship. Please fill out the following application form, explain how the current situation is affecting your ability to continue your studies in the U.S, and submit it along with the required documentation.

Make sure to include in your email your full name and country of residence. The deadline to apply for this  scholarship is April 30th 2022.

How else can we provide support?

  • Assist with a change of Status process to F1
  • Assist with the TPS (Temporary protected status and work authorization) application
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