The Communities We Support

Communities We Support

In the last 20 years, we've provided support to different communities around the globe. From protecting children from abuse and sex trafficking to building schools in underserving communities in Africa, we strive to be a voice for those who don't have the power to speak out while helping small organizations grow into their own path, enabling them to, in turn, give others space to be heard. We call it the Approach Butterfly Effect. 

We've provided support to a global community of:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Hard-workers
  • Dreamers

Find more examples below of organizations that we have provided support to, and communities that we've empowered throughout our journey.

Baluarte Nordeste and Angola


A non-profit organization led in the US by the Approach Executive Director, Michelle Fernandes supporting over 400 impoverished children in Luanda (Angola) and over 150 children in Nordeste (Brasil) providing education, meals and after school programs.

  • Approach continuously support both schools with monthly donations and organizes fundraising activities and events.
  • Raised over $350,000 to build a brand new school in Goma, Congo


For more than ten years the NGO Goleadoras has been making an impact all over Latin America by empowering the poorest neighborhoods with the magic of Fútbol. Their work with Unicef, the UN and many private sector partners in Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico has transformed the lives of thousands of kids. 

  • Raised more than $8,000 to support the cause.
  • Financed 10 girls on a trip to Qatar to play at the 2022 Street Child World Cup.
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Marici’s mission is to radically reduce child sex trafficking by eliminating criminal networks, catalyzing community movements, and healing and empowering survivors.

  • Donated over $35,000 to the cause.
  • Fundraised over $75,000 in celebration of "Tony Robbins birthday" for the cause.
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Projeto Cuidar

Projeto cuidar is a Brazilian non profit organization working on improving the quality of life of unprivileged families through employment qualification, education and guidance. The also To actively assist families with emergency assistance to aid hunger and shelter.

  • Donated over $5,000 to help the organization buy a van to deliver meals.
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Operation Underground railroad

Operation Underground Railroad

A non-profit organization with the stated mission to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • Donated over $25,000 to the cause.
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The Tony Robbins Foundation

The Tony Robbins Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of life of people often forgotten.

  • Donated over $15,000 to the cause.
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American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

American Foundation for The Blind (AFB)

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is an American non-profit organization for people with vision loss. AFB's objectives include conducting research to advance change, promoting knowledge and understanding, and shaping policies and practices.

  • Donated over $10,000 to the cause and helped fundraise over $100,000
Flying High for Haiti

Flying High for Haiti


Flying High 4 Haiti is a non-profit organization that takes its name from the Haitian children who enjoy making their own kites from plastic garbage and sticks. The goal of Flying High 4 Haiti is to empower communities through sustainable development by providing access to educational opportunities.

  • Built 4 houses with Flying High for Haiti after Hurricane Matthews.
  • Sponsored 6 kids through a year to make it possible for them to attend high school

Urban Paw Pet Sanctuary

The Urban paw Sanctuary is a home that hosts 40 cats and 34 dogs, all rescued from the streets of Serra and adjacent cities in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

  • A staff-driven initiative where they sold Popcorn for $1 and raised over $20,000 donated towards the pet sanctuary in Brazil, which we created their branding [Urban Paw] and helped rebuilt their infrastructure.
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Approach is proud to be part of such a diverse global community

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